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Hotmail Password Support Number USA operates all over the USA|Canada subcontinent and provides the best in class technical assistance to users facing any kinds of issues with their Hotmail Email Accounts. Hotmail is a subsidiary of MSN which is characterized by its parent company Microsoft. Millions of users subscribe to the services of Hotmail. Even though Hotmail as a brand name epitomizes quality and efficient services, the users can still face common problems and technical errors as they are often not aware of how they should trouble shoot such problems on their own. This can be very problematic as it can cause the users to use other email service providers. The users place massive dependence upon Hotmail as many users use the services of Hotmail to go about their professional assignments. Hotmail users also commonly use their Hotmail email ids as a gateway to log in to various other social networking portals such as twitter and face book.

Sterling Hotmail Password Recovery Services:

The users are also assisted in the steps involved to recover their passwords and in resetting their account password. The users often face a lot of inconvenience when they are not able to recall their passwords. The Hotmail Password Support Number USA can help to resolve this problem for the users. The users can easily recover their passwords by using their registered alternative email ids. A link is sent to the alternative email id of the users which can link them to reset their password.

Account Security:

The users can easily create such effective settings upon their user accounts so that their email account privacy and security is not compromised. The users can create a firewall which can safeguard their accounts from any potential hackers or infiltrators.


Hacking is another serious problem and it can cause severe inconvenience to the users as they are often not able to understand how they can protect their account from this menace. It is a statutory offense and a serious cyber crime. When the account of a user gets hacked, his account privacy also gets compromised. Often the email accounts of users further have many other details of the users stored in them. Users often access banking portals through their email accounts and thus the email accounts often also have banking details and logins of users. In other cases, the hacker may also gain access to the social networking profiles of the users. Hotmail Customer Technical Support Number USA helps the users rescue their accounts from hackers. It is a 24*7 operational toll free service which operates throughout USA

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